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The Awakening

a poem and a picture

Awakening is the beginning and the first prerequisite of your journey towards realization of your true authentic self. Awakening is an ongoing process. Similar to the concept of “Surrender”, it is something we do continually, each time to a deeper level. There are probably no people who have every experienced a total 100% Awakening or 100% Surrender to a Higher Power. On the way to whatever level of Awakening and Surrender you will reach in your lifetime, there will be many miniature leaps and jumps into those realms prior to what might be considered to be “the big or final Awakening or Surrender”.

In order for an Awakening to occur and last for very long, there has to be an equal amount of Surrender. I once heard a person state they wanted to Surrender to their God 100%, all at once, with nothing left out. I gave them my opinion that it was impossible to do this and no "regular person" had ever done this before. There are many small steps.

Christ had continual challenges and finally went for the 40 days and nights on the desert and met the devil for some final challenges before he finished his work.

Buddha had worked for years with great effort in denying himself everything in life which most people valued. He left his royal way of life, wife and family to become an extreme aesthetic, gave that up and discovered the Middle Way, and still had to sit under a tree and face more and more “demons of Maya” before reaching a high level of Awakening/Enlightenment.

I have created and designed a picture which I call “The Awakening”. I have professional artists draw it on a 3' x 4' canvas and then made some 11" x 14" reproductions. This picture came about initially as a sketch to explain a poem I wrote. The poem "The Awakening" is available for you to read later on in this section. My wife did not “get” my poem, "The Awakening", so I went about drawing my version of the path of awakening to your life and the process of spiritual and psychological principles which must be followed in order to get there. "There" is to move into your Heart, which by definition is connected to God (or your higher power).

To explain this picture "The Awakening" takes about 1 hour of in person lecture. So I have chosen not to reproduce it in this web site. I would have to write about 75 - 200 pages to do it justice. It becomes a Template by which you can see where you are emotionally and spiritually at along your Path of Heart.

The path on the left side of the picture is the “unawakened, or unaware path”, the wall in the middle goes forever (although it appears to stop, pretend it does not) and visualize it dividing the left side or tower from the excitement and conscious experience of the pain and problems of life on the right side of the picture. The left side has a castle shaped tower with winding steps. This is the path which we all take in life. Many people never leave this side of reality... living from the mind and trying to exclude the personal responsibility found in spiritual laws, psychological laws and things of mystery. To hold on to trying to control everything and remain in a "Fear-Based" life is to live form the mind.

The right side expresses the conscious Journey to the Heart and how to live from the Heart. This picture “The Awakening” will be used as a “Universal Template” in most of my Workshops, Coaching and Spiritual Consulting. You will receive a copy of this in a larger form, either 8” x 11” or larger. It will be explained in great detail and you will be able to use it as a visual map and “emotional location finder” to help you arrive at your Heart and live from your Heart.

Nobody begins the journey into their Heart and the Heart of God without a lot of pain or misfortune. It takes a lot of power from pain to cause ones ego to loosen up. As expressed before in this web page... most people believe the devil or satan has given them a raw deal and set them up. Or fate. More aware folks feel that actually God or the "negative side of God's face" was responsible. The whole idea that it becomes sort of a miracle to open people up. Hard lessons, huh.

“Living from the Heart” is tough when you have no clue as to what your Heart is or where it is. One can not “Listen to their Heart” until it actually speaks to them. One can not learn to listen to their Heart until their Head/False Ego/Selfish Mind/Pain begins to slow down and give them a few quiet moments.

The workshops will demonstrate techniques for you to arrive in a place where you can “Live from Your Heart”.

These methods are not patented, trademarked or secret. Nobody alive invented any of them. They have been alive for over 5,000 years or 10,000 or longer. Some authors, seminar, workshop leaders claim to have “The Secret Methods” which they invented, discovered and which nobody else knows. You are persuade to continually buy their latest books, seminars, DVD’s etc.

In repetition, let me set the record 100% straight. All the wisdom of the world, universe is available to you right where you are at. It is all inside of your Heart, or available through your Heart and its connection to the Universe, The All, The Tao, God, Christ, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, The Great Spirit, etc. The job you have it is “get your false ego, pride, victimhood, selfishness, etc. to take a rest and get out of the way so you can allow your Heart to access and speak to you from those “Unitive, God Level Forces” listed above.

The big work for any personal growth is to “remove crap”, not learn rules, moral edicts, etc. Everyone knows the 10 Commandments, the Boy Scout 12 Laws, the 7 this and the 12 that’s which many writers claim to be the “answer to life”.

If anyone’s rules, commandments, guidelines worked … we would have a perfect world. Murders abound as do other major 10 commandment violations. The natural nature of people has not changed. Regardless of how you feel it got here, it is your responsibility to transcend it, change it and grow. No excuses. No blaming others.

Knowing the lists, rules, and sins to apply or avoid just does not cut it. They don’t help anyone at all except those who want to impress others with their mind knowledge.

The real work is becoming aware of your personal crap, called “The Shadow” and then working to diminish it, release yourself from the repeating automatic (subconscious driven and conscious driven patterns).

The work is that of digging into your pain. Releasing it, often by tears and refeeling some original burried pain. One author has a title: "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die". Forgiving yourself and everyone else is also crucial to be free. It is a positive selfishness to forgive and learn to love yourself.. Then finally accepting and learning to love each and every aspect and thing or action which your life has given you… even the bad things others have done to you.

This is where “Love is the Answer” comes in. It is a “negative energy releaser”. Without the 100% release of the negative energy centers of “condensed, constipated negative energies”, you will continue to repeat your painful ways and continue to experience outer relationship pain, inner emotional pain and finally physical disease.

Everything in the universe is at its core, "electric based energy and vibrations”, to state it in a very simple way. Your thinking, both on the conscious and unconscious levels are what influence your whole mind, body and spirit. They also influence and attract your outer reality, circumstances, jobs, money and friends and family. You can learn what is going on and make adjustments, eventually resulting in a new you, a new life, and a new relationship with job, money, family and friends. A new relationship with your definition of God and the Universe.

This path is only taken by someone who has experienced a hell of a lot of PAIN.
From Death, Divorce, Depression, Destruction, Disease, Disability, Drug or Alcohol Addiction, Birth Defects and on and on. These are those “gifts from God” which throw us apart from the mainstream “the Castle and the stairway on the left side of “The Awakening Picture” through the ever so painful “Wall of Conscious, or rather Unawareness, into the realms of seeing and feeling everything in our lives.

So! Can you make this journey by yourself? Some do. Very unlikely to have a good outcome without a Guide. This can come from a loving parent, older relative, mentor, therapist, coach, boss, etc. Someone who has gone father than you have on the right side of the wall in the picture and who has had some results. Results of letting go of their ego crap and coming into their Heart.

The Journey is one which needs to be started and restarted by you 1,000’s of times before significant changes occur. And doing it is a never ending life long process.

Mistakes are normal and one will expect to make them for all of their life. To not make mistakes to try to be perfect is to end of "deadened" to your feeling and your Heart and your Higher Power.

Sign up for a Workshop or individual Coaching, or Spiritual Advising, and you will become exposed to the framework, path and direction.

The TOOLS are all in the Tao Te Ching, various Myths, Fairy Tales,The Holy Bible and in Buddha's teachings. Most religions gave the tools of Love and Forgiveness in their beginning writings. Later writings by lesser inspired followers of any founder of all religions are watered down and tend to drift off into black and white fundamentalistic rules and regulations. Once again, learning rules and regulations does not your Heart reveal or heal.

The Awakening as a poem and a picture represent my "signature pieces" and my main teachings. If you don’t get these or like them, not to worry, there are many other poems (about 200) which will lead you in a direction of further understanding. And there are many other expressions and teachers of Spiritual and Psychological Principles.

There is no “one teacher” or “one method” for everyone. The method I use has been passed down for thousands of years. It works. It is focused on getting to know who you are and letting go of crap you harbor from life’s experiences and childhood pains. Then coming to accept and understand the need for a higher power being the #1 thing, force, principle giver, energy in your life. Everyone has experienced the divine even if they are not aware they have. You can learn to have it every day. Many times every day in time. You can learn to let go of pain and find your life being led and directed with very little effort on your part. Your job, then, it is remain open and act from your Heart. Until you get there, however, life can be a bitchful lot of pain. There are ways out of this pain. Death comes to many who have never ventured into Awakening their lives. Addiction and denial and depression and destructive behaviors to many others. Dullness to many others. Fundamentalism (black and white concrete rules and viewpoints) to many others.

Are you ready to take your personal journey into your Heart and the Heart of your higher power (the way you describe or believe in your own Higher Power)?

If so, read on and sign up for some of the services Spirit Camp has to offer…. or find some teacher or organization or religion which speaks to you. Go for it. Just do it for yourself and for your life and for the people you care about.

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